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Tessa Wins IRD Retrieving Trial Title

We are super excited to announce that Tessa (Headland Cape Hillsborough) has won her IRD Title (Intermediate Retrieving Dog) a couple of weekends ago along with winning her first Advanced Trial through SSAA / United Field and Retrieving.

This is the first time Denis and Tessa have ever done Retrieving Trials and she has surpassed all our expectations over the last 4 months, and Denis didn’t do a bad job either.

We have now finished with the Retrieving Trials for this year and cannot wait until they start up again next year in March.

Many thanks to the wonderful people that we have met through United Field and Retrieving, who have made us feel very welcome and have been more than happy to help Denis and Tessa with their own tips and tricks which I am sure has helped us to achieve her IRD in record time.

Also a special thanks to Bryan Pritchard who without his time and patience in helping Denis and Tessa train we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today.

For anyone that owns a Labrador or any type of retrieving dog I would strongly suggest giving the UFR Trial a go as there is nothing better than watching a dog do what it was bred to do.





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