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Breeders of Purebred Labradors.

Why Buy Purebred?

Purebred dogs are the result of many years of selective breeding. All breeds were developed for a specific purpose and documentation is available on their history and heritage.

When you buy a purebred puppy, you will know what to expect in the adult dog. Knowing the characteristics and attributes of a purebred dog enables you to narrow down the choices to those which best fit into your lifestyle. For example, how large will the dog grow, and will it require constant grooming or exercise?

Registered purebred dog breeders breed according to a Breed Standard which sets out a ‘blueprint’ for their General Appearance (this is then broken down further into specific areas covering but not limited to Head, Eyes, Mouth Neck etc), Characteristics and Temperament.  

Cross breeding as the name suggests is two different breeds being mated with the hope that the best of both breeds will come through in the progeny (puppies) which is often not the case resulting in a deviation from both breed standards and DNA, which can lead to many unknown outcomes with but not limited to temperament, health, growth, bones, joints, etc. 

There are many benefits from purchasing a purebred dog from a registered breeder – we explore them here.

Breeders registered under any of the state governing bodies of Dogs Australia (ANKC) have to conform to a National Code of Ethics of Responsible Dog Ownership and Breeding, pass a breeders examination to receive their official breeding licence (known as a prefix), also governed and uphold both state and national government legislation.

Ethical breeders will carefully plan their litters focussing on improving the breed and not just putting any two dogs together ‘because puppies are adorable’.

You will become an extended member of the breeder’s family who will answer all your questions, share their knowledge and experience ranging from feeding, training, health care, etc for the life of your dog.

Your puppy will be well bred so you can predict what to expect in your adult dog.

Parents of puppies have been genetically screened for all known, testable, hereditary genetic diseases, they have been hip and elbow scored.

Owners of registered purebred dogs can join their State governing body (in Queensland that is Dogs Queensland) and participate in a variety of activities and events with their dogs.  Additional information available in our Resources section.

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