Chava Labs

Breeders of Purebred Labradors.

Welcome to Chava Labs.

We are a small, registered breeder of Labrador Retrievers on the North side of Brisbane. We place a very high value on the quality of our breeding lines and breed for the wonderful Labrador temperament, soundness and type as well as genetically sound and healthy puppies.

Most of our puppies go on to become family companions as well as becoming working gundogs and assistance dogs.

If you would like further information regarding our puppies, please complete our Expression of Interest form below or via the Upcoming Litters page.


Quality bloodlines.

The soundness and health of our breeding lines is key at Chava Labs. Most of our puppies go on to become family companions, with some going on to become working gun-dogs and assistance dogs.


Genetically screened.

All our dogs are DNA profiled and genetically tested for all known
Labrador Diseases via Orivet Genetic Pet Care. In addition to that, all Chava Labs
have excellent hip and
elbow scores.


Type & temperament.

We breed principally for the wonderful Labrador temperament, soundness and type! Our puppies are given the best possible start to life with a premium diet, as well as being raised with adult dogs and children.

Hear from Chava Lab Owners:

I will admit I went looking for a breeder with very high expectations. I had done my research and knew Chava Labs bloodlines and breeding program was exactly what we were looking for.

What I didn’t expect, but was thrilled to discover, was how extraordinarily special Chava Labs are. Right from our initial inquiry about their breeding program and adoptive process they showed as much care and diligence in approving us as a forever family as we had put into finding them.

They were unapologetically focused on the wellbeing of their pups – it was obvious Labradors are their passion and it shows in the quality of the dogs they breed.

Di & Darryl
Mahalia's Family

When I knew I was ready to welcome a Labrador puppy into my home, I began researching breeders near my home.

I am so glad that I found Chava Labs.

Kylie was quick to respond to my initial inquiry and I was thrilled when they told me there was a puppy for me. Even before the puppies were born, we were kept informed about the progress of Asha’s pregnancy.

Along with my gorgeous Harry (also known as Chava Darroch), they sent home a puppy pack, full to the brim with toys, goodies and helpful information. It was a fantastic bonus that the puppy also came toilet trained!

Harry's Family
We feel absolutely lucky to have found such amazing breeders. They are meticulous and dedicated right down to the smallest of details.

Their passion for dogs is evident from the very first conversation. Our “Ziggy” is a smart, beautiful dog with a lovely temperament. In the days following his arrival, he was quickly so well adjusted and came to us completely toilet trained. He learnt basic commands and walked on a lead with ease. We credit this largely to great breeding, and good early training.

Thank you to Chava Labs for giving us such a treasured family member. He has stolen our hearts! ​
The Symes Family
Ziggy's Family
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