Chava Labs

Breeders of Purebred Labradors.

About Chava Labs.

We are a small Labrador breeder based in Nudgee, Brisbane, Queensland and are registered with Dogs Queensland. We place an extremely high value on the soundness and health of our breeding lines and all our dogs are DNA profiled and genetically tested for all known Labrador Diseases via Orivet Genetic Pet Care, with all swabs being taken by our registered Veterinarian and cross-referenced to each dog’s microchip and in addition to that they all have excellent hip and elbow scores.

We breed principally for the wonderful Labrador temperament, soundness and type. Our puppies are given the best possible start to life: fed a hybrid diet of premium pre-made raw (Big Dog) and kibble (Black Hawk / Taste Of The Wild), raised with adult dogs and children, desensitised to noise and raised using Early Neurological Stimulation.

If you would like further information regarding any services we offer  email us at or complete the form!

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