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Testimonials from Chava Lab Owners.

Welcoming a new addition into your home is a big decision, and one we encourage you to research and consider heavily. At Chava Labs we pride ourselves on breeding for type, temperament and genetic soundness, and we believe in setting our dogs and puppies up for success right from the start.

Below, you’ll find testimonials from owners who have welcomed a Chava Labs dog into their homes and hearts. 

It is with pleasure that Gerry and I give this testimonial. 
From the first time we enquired about a female lab (yellow) to when we picked up our beautiful Eileen 2 months ago, Chava Labs have been very professional, caring and helpful.  They guided us along the way, were timely with their email responses.  Once our puppies were born and we were assigned a puppy – Kylie set up a facebook page specifically for that litter.  Photos and comments were regularly uploaded, we had two visits to our puppies before we picked them up.  The first visit was over an hour in length and was very detailed – giving us information on the breed, our puppies pedigree lines, diet requirements, the options for natural tick therapy etc.  We were able to come with a range of questions and no questions were too hard for either Kylie or Denis to answer.  They are so informative and willing to share – then two weeks later we had a final visit where we got to play once again with our puppy.  
The day finally came to pick up Eileen – we were given a wonderful welcome once again from both Kylie and Denis and an information pack on a USB, a folio on Eileen containing vital information about not just Eileen but her Mum and Dad.  Kylie included a snuffle cushion (which she makes for every puppy) to encourage them to sniff for their treats or food. We also got a welcome pack from Black Hawk which included over a kilo of dog food.  
When we took Eileen home she settled in beautifully (whined a bit for the first night) but slept the whole night through for the third night in her crate.  Kylie has been in contact with us on a regular basis through facebook and continues to care about the puppies even when they are gone to their forever homes.  I cannot speak highly enough about the service, professionalism and quality of the puppies (my vet could not get over how healthy Eileen was and how shiny her coat is).  Well done Kylie & Denis.

We are experienced dog owners and previously owned two Labradors who passed away 3 years back.

Last year we started looking for new pups and stumbled across Chava Labs. Initially we were extremely sceptical. However, after we visited Chava Labs in Nudgee we were pleasantly surprised. Kylie is very honest and straight forward person; she gave us very good advice.

We got to meet our pup twice before pickup and on the day of collection we received a great handover pack and lots of information in USB Sticks.

It’s been a couple of months since we collected our pup, but we still go back to Kylie for advice and she is always very welcoming and responsive.

Personally, we have no hesitation in recommending Chava Labs as a boutique breeder who excels in what they do.

Marley (male) is one of a litter of eleven puppies born to Fern, mother (chocolate/liver) and Ash, father (black).  The puppies were born on the 22nd September 2020.

All the puppies were, are beautiful and healthy.  Myself and family were very excited to visit them all and their mother when they were four weeks of age and again at six weeks.

Kylie is very professional in her approach to breeding and raising the litters of pups and I was informed and kept up to date on the journey from beginning to collection time and well beyond,  on the puppy’s arrival and progress,  through emails, telephone calls and social media of Face Book.  No question was thought to be of little importance and was answered promptly.

Kyle and Denis raise, train and breed dogs of even temperament with excellent blood lines and have very good hip and elbow scores.  The breeding adults go through extensive testing through Orivet Genetic pet care, and the puppies are raised using Early Neurological Stimulation. (ENS). This provides the pup with the best possible beginning in life in regard to being a healthy, happy little fellow or girl.

Marley has just graduated from puppy school (29 December 2020) and he is developing into a beautiful, friendly, happy and healthy male Labrador pup.

Kylie’s puppy bag is well stocked with all the essentials a new fur baby member of the family requires and needs to settle into home life with as little disruption as possible at eight weeks of age.  The folder of important certificates and additional information goes above and beyond and contains a wealth of information/literature to help the new owner care for and keep their new family member safe and happy.

Marley is a treasured part of my family and I thank Kylie and Denis for all their hard work involved in their breeding program which has given me a puppy, such as Marley, who is everything I requested.

I have no hesitation in recommending Chava Labs if you are looking to bring a new Labrador puppy into your home.

Thank you!

Kylie and Denis at Chava Labs were recommended to us by our neighbour and her family. They own two Chava Labs and highly recommended Kylie and Denis as reputable Labrador breeders.
From our initial contact with them, we’ve been highly impressed by their knowledge, support and service and their responses to my emails and messages are prompt and detailed.
Prior to taking our puppy home, our family (including our 3 kids) was invited to meet the entire litter on many occasions and they provided us with lots of information during the visits, which also gave us the opportunity to hold our puppy!
We received an abundance of information about the breed prior to collecting our pup, and a huge puppy support pack when we took her home and the information they’ve shared with us throughout our contact with them is a true indication of their dedication to their dogs and their role as breeders. 
Their dogs have beautiful natures and are very friendly and affectionate and the work Kylie and Denis have put in to breeding beautiful, healthy dogs is evident in the fact our puppy has a gorgeous nature and is a much loved addition to our family.
I would highly recommend Kylie and Denis to anyone seeking a beautiful Labrador from outstanding breeders

Our experience with Chava Labs was and is a great experience and I highly recommend putting your name down on the wait list for a highly well-bred Labrador puppy.

I made the decision to contact Chava labs for a male black pure-bred puppy after losing our previous Labrador dog in 2019.

My wife researched Labrador puppy’s in Brisbane and came up with Chava Labs and only came across highly rated good comments on there breeding programme and quality of dog

I looked on the Chava Labrador website and found it to be quite easy to understand well set out and easy to follow from the outset.

I made a formal enquiry via email and was made aware of the pricing and waiting timeframes for upcoming litters for 2020.

Being on social media from January 2020 was exciting to see the updates of the breeding programme Chava Labs provided.

Once we were formally offered a puppy from Chava Labs they made it so easy with formal breeding registering paperwork being sent out in a timely manner.

As a part of the Puppy orientation, visits were offered at a time that fitted in well with our family to hold and bond with our potential little man. At this stage we introduced ourselves listening to puppy knowledge, care from Kylie and Denis, well an hour seemed like five minutes our time was up two more weeks till we hold our new family member. Chava also provided a U.S.B with Labrador training as well as knowledge of the English Labrador History.

More photos and videos of the litter were posted on Pippi and Ash “Puppy parents Facebook page” just for the new owners to admire at our convenience as the little pups grow quickly from week to week.

As puppy pick up times are offered to the new owners several options where offered to us

E.g Natural flea n tick, heartworm and intestinal worming products are offered as well as further products for walking training home care.

The level of care and professionalism that Chava Labs give their pups is limitless, everything is catered for from animal health to a folder containing all puppy documents from birth. This reassured us that my decision in choosing Chava labs was the right one.

On arrival home little Koda was just the nicest natured pup no behavioural issues. This pup is smart well mannered, behaved and so affectionate. I think that is it no coincidence that he is this way as he arrived at his new forever home. I can only put this down to his breeding his care from Kylie and Denis from birth to there forever homes.

I cannot recommend Chava labs highly enough, I did not encounter any problems.

If I had questions, they were answered nothing was a problem. Thank you, Chava Labs, Koda is everything that we wanted in a purebred Labrador and it warms my heart knowing when I see pups provided to families they are receiving a beautiful loving family member

Being first time dog owners, my partner and I were quite unsure what to expect when it came to the process with breeders and how to best care for a puppy. While looking for a reputable breeder Chava Labs got highly recommended to us by various sources, and we are so thankful we got our Moosey girl from them. 

From the moment we went into their wait list, Kylie and Denis were extremely informative and prompt with information regarding the litter and answered any questions we had with the utmost detail, which of course put our minds instantly at ease. When Maple gave birth, they continued with their high quality interactions with us by providing regular updates on the puppies. 

Kylie and Denis allowed us to visit the puppies for a very generous amount of time prior to bringing Moose home in multiple occasions. During our visits we got to know the puppies, and had the opportunity to ask any questions we had. They are incredibly educated and knowledgeable and they taught us so much about training, feeding, sleeping and so much more. Their set up for the puppies was wonderful, so cozy, warm and very clean. We were super impressed. 

When the time came to finally take our girl home, we were given the most wonderful puppy pack to get us started. This included a whole book of categorised documents including her paper work, Maple and Nelson’s paper work, poisonous plants, first aid and so much more. We refer to this book constantly! We also got a snuffle mat, blankets and soft toys with Maple’s scent on them and a variety of other things that we use frequently. Another bonus is that Moose was already toilet trained when she came home!! This has made the craziness of having a puppy just that little bit easier. We haven’t had any accidents inside at all, Kylie and Denis are the best of the best! 

Kylie and Denis provide an abundant amount of support not only while you are in the process of getting your puppy, but after your puppy goes home with you too. We have had Moose for 2 months now and we still have regular contact with them. We asked them so many questions upon bringing her home, especially in that first week and they were nothing short of amazing with their responses. We are so greatful to have got our perfect puppy from such kind, knowledgeable, supportive and high quality breeders. We couldn’t recommend them enough!! 

Darcy and I have never gone through a breeder before. We did not know where to start in finding a reputable breeder. Let me just say, this was the best decision to pick Chava Labs as our breeder. Kylie and Denis are the nicest people and truly care about the welfare of the puppies. From day 1, all our questions were answered, we were kept in the loop of all information and we were even allowed to visit our puppies during Covid-19 with sanitisation and social distancing methods.
We were set up with everyone who was in the litter into a Facebook group page where we were constantly updated with photos, videos and information regarding worming, microchips, vaccinations, visit schedules and Brisbane City Council Registration and meet everyone to keep in touch with the growth of our puppies once they came home. 
Our puppy came home with a puppy package that included many useful items such as: a blanket and toy that smelled of their litter, licky pad, a towel, a book that includes such useful information such as a tracker for vaccinations, food that is safe/unsafe for dogs, tips on: training, reputable dog food, feeding schedules as they grow from 8 weeks old, pedigree certificates, microchip certificates, etc. 
We first went for a visit at 4 weeks and the puppy area was very clean, their dogs were so well behaved and this was such a good sign that they take care into training their own dogs, and allowed us to ask any questions in person at the visit. We were also able to meet the mom of the litter (Maple) and she was very adorable and very well behaved. The pups had access to an in and out where they could bundle up inside during winter and sleep and easy access the grass outside to do their business. 
Once bringing him home, Chava Labs still answered all of our questions in terms of how to overcome the usual ’separation anxiety’, or tips on night routines etc.  Our puppy even came home house trained! 
Our little chocolate lab Odis is so well behaved with a great temperament and he has the shiniest coat and teeth. He is in great condition, great around little toddlers, and other dogs. He loves to retrieve his frisbee and tennis balls and loves to swim at the beach. 
I 100% recommend Chava Labs due to the professionalism, amazing support, plethora of information and generous advice. 

As someone who has both never had a dog nor contacted a breeder before, I found Chava Labs was the best introduction I could have asked for!  If I had any questions through the entire process, including after bringing my puppy, Ducky, home, Chava Labs would answer quickly and thoroughly to put my mind at ease. No question is too simple or unnecessary. If you have a query about something to do with their dogs or even anything to do with your own preparation for bringing your puppy home, they will answer.

From the moment the litter entered the world, I was given regular updates on how all the puppies were doing. There were photos, videos and general messages on how the litters were growing. Once the puppies reached certain ages, we were asked to visit in person and spend some time with them and the puppies! 

Ducky has been a gorgeous addition to the family since coming home!  She’s continued to be a goofy, caring girl who just wants to make people smile.  I continuously get compliments on how quiet and well behaved she is whenever we are out and about. 

If you’re looking for puppies with gorgeous personalities, temperament or looks, and breeders who clearly care deeply for their dogs and the breed as a whole, I cannot recommend Chava Labs highly enough.

We purchased our beloved Labrador Puppy from Chava Labs nearly a year ago and we feel absolutely lucky to have found such amazing breeders. They are meticulous and dedicated right down to the smallest of details. They offer so much support not only throughout the process of purchasing a puppy but that support is ongoing. It certainly makes for a confident dog owner and a reliable dog.
Chava Labs have so much knowledge (we refer to them as the messiah of Labrador dogs) and their passion for dogs is evident from the very first conversation. I also love the fact that when it’s time for the puppies to be placed with families, they look at many aspects of each pup and match the families accordingly. 
Our “Ziggy” is a smart, beautiful dog with a lovely temperament. They went above and beyond and delivered our boy to us on Christmas Day. Kylie had made a special decorated box to present him to our children. It was the most special moment for our family. In the days following, he was quickly so well adjusted and came to us completely toilet trained. He learnt basic commands and walked on a lead with ease. We credit this largely to great breeding, and good early training. 
We couldn’t ever imagine buying a puppy from anyone else. It goes without saying that we whole heartedly recommend Chava Labs to everyone and in saying this, everyone of their pups deserve only the very best committed responsible families to go home with. 
Thank you to Chava Labs for giving us such a treasured family member. He has stolen our hearts!

We found Chava Labs online after weeks of searching for a smaller Labrador breeder and our experience with Chava Labs was extremely positive right from the start.

Kylie responded to our emails and phone calls right away and invited us to visit the puppies in person. When visiting the puppies, it was obvious that they are in great hands and were all given the best possible start with puppies had access to outdoors, shelter, blankets, toys and quality food.

Once we got to take our beautiful black lab home with us, we received a care package with some great advice, Pedigree certificate, vaccine certificate, etc. Even our vet was super impressed by this and said that she had never seen such a great “puppy kit”!

Our puppy was already toilet trained when we got her, and we always receive compliments about her beautiful and kind nature. Overall, we are very lucky to have our Chava Labs puppy in our lives, and if we one day decide to take another one, it would be through Chava Labs

Thanks again for all the help and guidance we’ve received from you!

Kind regards,
Sinna & Pietari

When I knew I was ready to welcome a Labrador puppy into my home, I began researching breeders near my home. I am so glad that I found Chava Labs. Kylie was quick to respond to my initial inquiry and I was thrilled when they told me there was a puppy for me. Even before the puppies were born, we were kept informed about the progress of Asha’s pregnancy. Once the puppies were born, they did a fantastic job sending us updates as the litter grew. When it came time to pick the puppies, I was unable to be at either of the litter visits, so they worked with me to pick the puppy that would be the best fit for me. On pick up day, they spent quite some time with me going through all of the information I needed. Along with my gorgeous Harry (also known as Chava Darroch), they sent home a puppy pack, full to the brim with toys, goodies and helpful information. It was a fantastic bonus that the puppy also came toilet trained!

I took Harry, a black lab, home on December 17, 2017. Since then, Chava Labs have been very helpful when it comes to answering all of my questions about Harry specifically, and Labradors in general. It has been a great comfort to know that they are just at the other end of Facebook Messenger! They also organized a playdate with Harry’s litter, and it was fantastic to get to meet all of his brothers and watch them play together.

I have received so many compliments about Harry. When I take him walking, people often stop and tell me he is a beautiful dog. He is so friendly and he loves meeting new people as well, so he makes a lot of friends! One of my family members has said that he is the most beautiful dog he has ever seen. My vet says that Harry is in fantastic condition. Harry has no issues going to the vet – quite the opposite, he loves going in because he knows he will always get treats and a cuddle! Harry is a wonderful companion. He loves going for walks, playing fetch and eating peanut butter on carrots. I feel very lucky that I found Chava Labs and I highly recommend them if you are looking to add a Labrador to your life.

I will admit I went looking for a breeder with very high expectations. I had done my research and knew Chava Labs bloodlines and breeding program was exactly what we were looking for.

What I didn’t expect, but was thrilled to discover, was how extraordinarily special Chava Labs are.

Right from our initial inquiry about their breeding program and adoptive process they showed as much care and diligence in approving us as a forever family as we had put into finding them.

They were unapologetically focused on the wellbeing of their pups – it was obvious Labradors are their passion and it shows in the quality of the dogs they breed.

Upon the arrival of our gorgeous little chocolate girl we were keep continuously updated on her progress and welcomed to be part of her socialisation on several occasions during those critical first 8 weeks. Chava Labs provided us with so much valuable information and willingly answered the barrage of questions we had as first time Lab owners. By the time we brought our beautiful Mahalia home she was confident, healthy, social and toilet trained to boot! I could not imagine a better start for any puppy and their prospective family.

Chava Labs have continued to be extremely generous with their advice and support during this first 12 months with our girl. We especially love the chance to meet up with other Chava Labs offspring on “family days”. It’s wonderful to watch as each dog is reunited with them – the tail-wagging and excitement is endless and speaks volumes to the connection they have with every litter.

I cannot recommend Chava Labs any higher. We are constantly complimented on Mahalia’s glossy coat, rich chocolate colour and her level of focus and obedience. She is a beautiful dog from exceptional breeders.   Thank you.

Chava Labs are the most kind, helpful and honest people you will come across. We have two labs from them, Makai and Oscar and both have lovely natures and are gentle with kids and frail people.

We have stayed in contact with them over the past several years and they have always generously shared their knowledge and expertise. They have even let my son who loves baby animals visit the new litters.

Nothing is too much trouble for them and we even recently met up with many owners and dogs for a huge catch-up.

Totally recommend Chava Labs!

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